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TRIBUTE BAND for the Original MTV Generation!

PROMO: Lets Go Crazy!

Kryptonite - 3 DOORS DOWN
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HEY YOU! Remember when music was fun, life simpler and music videos stole your heart?

ONE HEADLIGHT is THE  Atlanta pop/rock band for the original MTV Generation and beyond!  Formed in 2014 by a crazy criminal psychologist and a CEO in the music and corporate industries, ONE HEADLIGHT intentionally wanted to be different.   By mixing professional studio backing tracks with live electric guitars, electric drums and tight vocals, ONE HEADLIGHT is a modern musical mashup between an infectious club DJ and U2, Guns N’ Roses or The Foo Fighters LIVE!  With their mind-blowing precision instruments and jaw-dropping vocal skills, ONE HEADLIGHT does not merely cover the best of the 80s and 90s; they seek to actually replicate the sounds at the highest level, complete with hilarious stage props, costumes and antics from the days gone by!   CLICK VIDEO BELOW!


Tired of the same old songs everyone else plays?      Yep, same here!

Then, buckle up Atlanta...ONE HEADLIGHT really is the "New Sensation" in town...from FM Dance/Pop/Rock to the early 80s New Wave scene; from the “big hair” Power Ballads to the 90s Grunge and Alternative Rock anthems; ONE HEADLIGHT will "totally" transport you back in time and put a huge smile on your face, no matter if you are young or, um, let's just say less younger!  Guaranteed to make your day...

Interstate Love Song - Stone Temple Pilots


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ONE HEADLIGHT plays private, public, corporate and charity events. From the massive ATL festivals, local clubs, corporate shows in Phoenix and Miami...and even in a fellow working stiff's back yard, we care less about the money per se than the crowd.   You will quickly find we are not only top shelf and playful musicians, but really good people who do not want to break your bank...make you drop your teeth and split your pants?  Yes!, no doubt!  But not break your bank like many other "tribute" bands out there!

Contact Christopher Nolan  to discuss events and pricing options. (full band vs duo)



Jeff WILLARD (lead guitar)

Steve PAPPADAKIS (drums)

Chris NOLAN (vocals, rhythm)

© 2013 by ONE HEADLIGHT. All rights reserved. 

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